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(What are you supposed to put on your homepage!?)


ik i already said it at the bottom of every page but these webpages are constantly changing and some stuff may be weird or in the process of being created im not educated in the ways of github so youll just have to deal with it for now. (what a run on)


Update Log
  • (11/4/22) Added the index/title page to OaoBttS
  • (11/4/22) Added the Stories page
  • (7/4/22) Added the Aesthetic Worlds page
  • (7/4/22) Made the flower v-pet game actually playable
  • (7/4/22) Added the Resources page
  • (7/4/22) Made Update Log look nice (That took more effort than it should've lol)
  • (7/4/22) Added Update Log

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