This page will probably hold a lot of fun things. I plan to abuse make liberal use of the portal system I have devised, but for small, miscelanious things, they will find their home here.
My brain also uses many languages so expect to see toki pona, spanish, chinese, german, and maybe other weird stuff if I get to it.
Hopefully this will be the most home-esque (yes i spell it like that) page, something that you can return to and be happy with. maybe all of the other pages will be rug-pulls (not in the NFT sense).
With that, I should probably mention that I don't support Web 3.
Expect to see *many* under construction warnings

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About the Webmaster

Hi, I'm graph100, and I am the webmaster of this beautiful garden of these nightly spider plants. This site, like most others, is here for me to express myself. I love learning languages/linguistics, coding, art, and music. I like bullet hells and shorter games, and have started a few collections. I typically program with Javascript, but thats because I use web development to easily show stuff off to my friends. My favorite programming language would have to be C (not C++). I like retro and modern stuff, and try to embrace both in my works. I love taoism and have read some of the Dao De Jing.

UH OH! DISCLAIMER!! yeah so im from the great land of [UNITED STATES MIDWEST] so i use the glorious word "yall". i feel weird using this in internet spaces because it feels really alienating to use my natrual dialect which to [SOCIETY, I GUESS] is weird and for country losers. maybe im just overreacting but i use the word yall and im not afraid. ill make a 88x31 about that

Cool fact about the way I type: when I use proper grammar, that the important stuff, ifelse, thats my cool regular dumb though self! So you probably have seen so far that sometimes I'll put sentences-that-look-like-text-messages in parenthases and thats for my raw, uncensored thoughts. Everything else is supposed to sound more refined and thought out. This doesn't mean that I am not being 100% genuine, just that they might be harder to parse and use more self-dialectical to me.



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My 88x31 gif collection!

(DISCLAIMER: Some of these images aren't gifs. I'm not much of a purist, and those were found on others' websites.)

(yall dont even understand how much work it took to make this look right)

More coming soon!

My blinkies collection!

More coming soon!


This is an address of every main page on the site. Pretty much everything should direct back to this page. Made sure to put it at the top so it's easy to access.


Give it a sign! And try not to engage in Blackstargardinception..

Stuff I like

  • Hardcore electronic music (a la Machine Girl or KFC Murder Chicks)
  • Linguistics
  • toki pona
  • Well-executed satire
  • Friends (as in people not the tv show _(´ཀ`」 ∠)_)
  • Kraftwerk (the band)
  • Shin Megami Tensei
  • My Dreamcast Ɛ>
  • Sonic the Adventure
  • Nintendo DSi
  • Cellphone straps/charms
  • Furries (I'm not a furry but some of their designs are cool asf)
  • Creative ARGs/Internet Horror
  • Actually interesting fashion (it can be "basic" or "alt" truly im just looking for something new/unique)
  • Making music
  • Drawing
  • Pixel-arting
  • Programming games
  • Small, tangible, collectable things (i am secretly a crow >:))
  • Yume Nikki
  • 青 (Classical definition)
  • Chu♡lip
  • Lemon Demon
  • Loud anime styles
  • Unique pixel art
  • Bright color oc's
  • Gaelic spelling (a morbid facination)
  • Emoticons!!!
  • Other languages and other scripts
  • SAPARi!!
  • 17776
  • And whatever else you'll find on this site


no way im inna webrings??!?!?!??!??!


I have lots of fun slang that I use that I kinda sorta made up and that only make sense to me. To combat this problem, here, have some words!

  • Leicht (In an English context)
    • Something that has a light-feeling to me. Think Honda Motocompo or sites with little-to-no CSS. It doesn't actually have to be light in weight, but something that feels simple, thin, raw, etc. I have trouble describing this, which is why I made a new word.
  • msa
    • This is actually toki pona slang. It's short for "mi sona ala" which is equivalent to "idk". msa, I just like it better. Of course, in toki pona, it is prounounced as [mi sona ala] but in an English context, I say it like [msa:]