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This is where I will hold my random thoughts that I feel like writing down. Most other sites have a blog but I feel like sometimes I need a space for big long paragraphs, and other times just some silly things that pop into my head.


  • (24/5/22)(10:08 PM) I really wish websites had a like button cause i really just wanna be able to show my apriciation to some really cool websites. leaving a comment feels like i need to say smth more than "I really like yr site it looks cool" and i think that a like button or smth is able to communicate that. im sure theres a service that allows me to do that so ill prolly add a like button and a comment system so thatll be cool. maybe ill be lazy enough to make my own /s. anyways if you somehow found this and i put your site on my extras bar just know that i love the vibes of your site and i think your probably a radical person to hang out with /pos. also ill 100% move the zine over to blackstargarden instead of making a pdf. I already have some graphics created for it so ill prolly colorize them and then break them up so I can make it better fit the format of a webpage. I really wanna be able to share with yall (yes i use that word im sorry :sob:) some cool things, and that will be my proxy. also just a foreword: theres gonna be an obscurity rating for all of the things, and all of the things I put on there arent like in the mainstream, but like id still rate stuff like machine girl a bit lower even tho its a bit more common in niche interweb spaces like this, but its kinda supposed to be from an outsiders perspective. if it ruins the quality of the general zine and its purpose ill change it on all of the issues but its supposed to kinda be a level playing feild for me to show irl friends and coming from a small town yeilds ppl having no idea what the heck im talking about. idk why i went on it even tho the zine isnt out. Ill have a foreword or about section there hopefully. goodness im going to have thousands of unfinished projects here lol. One last thing before i end this "microblog" (goodness its not one last thing screw you brain) I'm kinda happy that i came to this site to talk about this. I wanted to talk about that w/ my friends but they would have no idea what im talking about so first instict was to come to here, and thats 100% an improvement over twitter. twitter for me is like shouting into space, barely anyone gets my message, so coming here is much more productive as a webstie lasts way longer than a tweet, and i love the feeling of stumbling upon a website 10+ years past its prime and seeing someones blogging. its fun, so hopefully this can encapsulate that feeling. and on that subject, this has basically become a blog with how long my messages are becoming. I still feel like "thoughts" is an accurate descriptor though, so ill be keeping that along with my short and simple thoughts (what this was supposed to be) but nevermind that. wow this is the longest thought i've ever written. should i organize this better? yes. am i going to do that even though im lazy? no. anyways this symbolizes a regained interest in neocities so expect to see new cool things!
  • (24/5/22)(12:05 AM) Goodness I haven't spoken here in a while. Right now I'm working on a zine so I'll hopefully be sure to put up a pdf version of it on here. I still need to add my games, but right now I don't have to much interest working on this, however blackstargarden isn't going anywhere soon. I've got a bit more inspiriation to work on projects like this, so I might add more. Adding more pages to the zine using inkscape is kinda tedious, so I might skip on printing it out and paying for stuff like that, and just making it here. So, expect to see that.
  • (6/5/22)(9:04 AM) a a a i forgot when i didnt date these posts its so weird. best decision ever tho, gives a better sense of scale.
  • (6/5/22)(9:00 AM) I'll probably add a "games" page cause rn im working on a game in pico-8 and i wanna be able to share it w ppl but downloadables kinda suck cause 4 my school friends we all use chromebooks and no programs work on that. anyways ill 100% be posting stuff like my only finished game "Iris Shadow" as well as my bullet hell engine test, probably my unfinished jrpg that only has a battle system, and ofc my latest pico-8 game. I don't know whats next to come in gamedev for me, i dont have too many ideas. I got inspired from a game i saw in a thorhighheels video but idk if ill ever finish it. the player controls kinda suck as well as the fact that its in 3d hurts my brain cause web games are super slow so you gotta accommadate for that and im not a 90's dev in japan i dont have to sacrifice my mental health for a little diving exploration game. whatever will happen tho, itll probably be really cool and ill have to show yall.
  • (6/5/22)(8:54 AM) mi pilin lawa ala a a a. mi kute e musi Breakcore. ona li pona tawa mi. tenpo ni la toki pona mi li pona. tan li ni: mi pana e sona ni: nimi "la". mi pilin pona tan ni a.
  • (30/4/22)(4:22 PM) i made some rad sketches over vacation so ill probably post them here.
  • (27/4/22)(11:50 AM) also something cool that i did is i made a pretty nice 3d software engine here
  • (27/4/22)(11:43 AM) just flew for the first time in my life, crazy experience. its also really nice to be out of my hometown because i can see more than just the same copypasted person lol.
  • (11/4/22)(10:36 PM) big thinking
  • (10/4/22)(2:37 PM) i think that we need to make album covers gifs and also im writing this from my phone. i just realized that theres some hypocrasy in this but also i gotta leave home soon and i dont have a laptop so ya.
  • (9/4/22)(10:20 PM) ok im probably saying this just to keep me hoping that this blackstargarden project i wont give up on, but, even though im not updating this all the time im doing some big thoughts on whats coming next. im definatly going to do more with the aesthetic worlds idea and im planning out the general story for the hypertext fiction i was gonna write. ill need some art and story but soon enough ill probably serialize releses of bits of the story. maybe a webpage or two each. probably some will have just a static site with gifs and text but hopefully others will be more interactive with some pretty webgl for maybe computer or journal logs to sift through. honestly at this point ill just use this page to think-out-loud about writing this story. most of this ive just kinda thought up atm. not the whole story bit ofc, but rubber duck debugging.
  • (9/4/22)(10:19 PM) Bornana
  • (8/4/22)(1:58 PM) I'm probably going to work on writing that story soon. I for sure know that it'll be a hypertext fiction as I think that things like the Lain PSX game and 17776 are really cool and unconventional methods of storytelling are cool. My only problem is that it takes a lot of effort and that nobody knows what you're talking about when you tell them that you are writing a "Hypertext Fiction." People just need to get educated /satire. Anyways I'll probably post updates here, so expect to see that sometime. It'll probably have a wayyy different aesthetic than the regular pages. Got to make sure it's nice and moody. Also gonna try and start dating these as having no time record kinda isolates them from any meaning.
  • AKK! that outage scared me. I thought my site/homepage was done for.
  • i thought of something really cool a little while ago but couldnt write it down and now i forgot :(
  • i really need to get to sleep but like i cant im not tired but also im tired but i cannot sleep!
  • i realize i should probably put my thoughts newest to oldest so then like you dont have to scroll through like a month of 󱤾 thoughts
  • i wanna make a story abt a girl getting a head transplant. pls dont steal (i sound like an art child from 2012)
  • i just realized that the font i use has the exclamation marks that earthbound has. SMMAAASHH!!!
  • Zed. idk why thats funny just dumb america brain. zed.
  • zu viel exclamation marks
  • I have been super tired as of recent and it is not helping me at school!!!!