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Keeping the streak strong with a second issue. I've been trying so patiently to not release another issue because its just so fun to share all of my cool wares witht the world. I've always had a fascination for sophomore releases rather that be of movies, games, albums, or anything else of the like. Let's hope I can conjure the energy of a strong second release. This time around I plan to talk about some more things that I have thought about for a while and would like to have out there so my friends know what I'm talking about. Let's get into it!


Oh boy, Cookie's Bustle! I know a few friends of mine have learned-from-me what this is, but I had come upon a situation today in which I needed my audience to know what this is. Cookie's Bustle is an odd CGI-based point-and-click adventure game where you, Cookie Blair age 5, go around Bombo world looking to save your grandma. I'm actually unsure about that storyline, as I glossed over the Hardcoregaming101 page for it, but thats not important. If you really only care about the story, just look at the Mobygames or Hardcoregaming101 page. But for the others like me who care not for stories but instead for the aesthetic, you are in for a treat. This game is so out there in its presentation compaired to other standard games, but it is not wholly unique. The main character's design is very cute, even compelling me to make a render of her holding the blender default cube (sidenote: the fact that i can find a 3d model for that thing is why i still love humans). The end cutscene, however, is where the real meat of it all comes in. While I'm sure walking across the street and causing 4 cases of manslaughter is funny in its own right, uniting all of the major world religions and spawning world peace from a teddy bear and some weird piano in a parthenon is much greater. Featuring stereotypes of all the big names like Catholacism, Islam, Hinduism, they all unite under the glory of Cookie. I can describe all of this I want, but you should go ahead and watch the cutscenes on Youtube. They're great.

If you look in the right place on Internet Archive, you can find a rom of Cookies Bustle. I was able to get through the setup process, but the program makes you use Windows 95-2000. I've always had trouble using Virtual Machines, so maybe you'll have better luck. It's also all in Japanese so good luck (im sure theres a script translation lol).

Update: Because I'm too lazy Vinesauce beat me to the punch and streamed cookies bustle. I promise im cooler than him.

TAS 1000 - MUSIC

TAS 1000, aka possibly one of the most unique bands out there. The band formed from 5 kids who messed around with music together. One time one of the members went into a thrift store looking for something interesting and found an answering machine with the tape still in it. The band thought that was interesting enough to make music with it, and produced a 9 track album with it.

The instrumentals of the music are pretty standard fair pop-rock so if you've listened to any guitar music made past 1965 it's nothing special but the novelty of it all is whats fun. And thats what it really is, a novelty band. They really couldn't work with any more than that one tape and they made it last while they could, even holding live performances. Eventually, the namesake of their album "Message for Marta" found out about this and got pretty upset with them using her stuff. I don't recall the details of everything so I reccomend watching the Science Elf's video on that, which is where I first heard of them.

But that was only when I learned of their names. The first time I and many others had heard their music was actually in Club Penguin. A relative (again, I don't remember the exact details) of the lead member of the band worked on the orignal Penguin Chat team and decided to add the instrumental of "I've Been Delayed" into the game.

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Also, I was going to put 17776 in here but I figured you could just look at my Loveletterto it here.