...is a zine where I (graph100) talk about the coolest obscure media that I found. I was going to have a ranking system but I realized that ranking systems are stupid and its also really hard to classify how many people know about something. Either way the stuff you will find is not something that is easily found and you'd have to do some sort of searching to find.

I've called this zine as "OCCULTA" because it is latin for obscure (things). This zine is not related to any occult or pagan practices/studies. Sorry.

This zine is self published here on Black Star Garden, and it's intended audience is those on Neocities who found my website. I also have friends irl (crazy, I know) who will read this, so if you come from the depths of the interwebs and think that something isn't obscure enough, screw off. I'm here to promote cool things that I think aren't apriciated enough. Make love, not hate.

I also wouldn't bet on this series being regularly released. I have tons of cool things that I have queued up for months now, but my interest for neocities waxes and wanes, so for a month you might get weekly issues, and the next, monthy issues. Just a heads up.

With all that said, I hope you enjoy the show.