It all started one fateful march 17, 2023. I made a Tumblr post explaining my melencholic desire for creation of new forms of art. I thought that I was shouting into the void, but I was mistaken. After accumulating a grand 3 notes, I was conacted by Raine of Shitty Kickflips fame. He also liked my idea. Together with our shared love of cool things, decided to start the coolest, most niche webring known to man (details may be exaggerated idk). So here we are. Read more to learn what we like to do n stuff.

Some of these concepts are verbal/word-based and it should be known that works can be created in any language, or even no language at all and is just gibberish. Art is free and no bounds should stop you from creating what you love.

I would also like to say that you shouldn't feel limited by the catagories of the things on the list. If you happen to have art inside of the bounds of something found on this page, thats cool, if not thats also cool. Here is a venn diagram to help.

How Might One Join Us?

Just ask! This is to be a community that is welcoming to everyone and the more art, the better. I'm currently managing this webring so you can reach out to me on my Neocities profile or on discord @graph100. All I need is a url and, optionally, a screen name (but the name of your website works best).

Things to do

My original Tumblr post will have less than whats here but if you want to see it click the list. This list will be forever changing so we can promote cool ideas that are new and fresh. Hopefully you will be inspired by one of them.

  1. picoCAD models but with a better color pallete
  2. ukagaka but with the idea #1
  3. small music with gifs as mp4 files for music
  4. idea #3 but the video accompanying it is only a character dancing to the music
  5. idea #4 but the dancing is specifically done with sprite art but its original sprite art but specifically in the style of arcade fighting game sprites
  6. one of the more visual ideas listed but with an oekaki-esque message board made specifically for this
  7. those websites/hypertext media like GRAMMATRON or the 1997 radiohead website but its a community and maybe specifically designed to be ran in a 320x240 or 640x480 or 800x600 screen size
  8. one of the music ideas but the music is made with sound samples you made yourself and the final music is made in a music tracker like openmpt

When I came up with these ideas, I also intented to have a weird-cute aesthetic. Imagine Sengoku TURB, Ribbit King, Yume Nikki but Hello Kitty. Purism is stupid though, so don't feel shackled to these aesthetics.

Following is a list of things that fit with the idea of the Niche Webring (cool and semi-unique art stuff).

  • Word-poetry based on the aesthetics of words
  • Artlangs (constructed languages created for aesthetic purposes)
  • Poetry similar to the Star Gauge by Su Hui (in any language).