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Welcome to BlackStarGarden!
This is a cool little site I'm gonna use to keep all of my silly thoughts and musings in one place.
I like to do a lot of stuff, so expect to see a wide variety of cool things.
Also, I speak/am learning a language called toki pona, so if you see any weird symbols thats what is is.
I hope you enjoy!

ALSO!: This page uses a day/month/year format. I got into the habit of this to where I was writing that on my American school papers and realizing nobody would know what the 30th month of the year I was talking about was. Remember that!


Things I like

Things I like:


  • Neocities (ofc)
  • Video essays (particularly Hazel, Jacob Geller, and Philosiphy Tube)
  • Old stuff (also ofc)
  • Random old gadgets
  • Pixel art
  • Jazz music
  • Breakcore/Jungle
  • Making music
  • Making art
  • Thinking about life stuff
  • Linguistics/Conlangs (ofc)
  • Thinking up cool ideas for stories that I'll never write
  • Friends (as in people not the show)
  • Randomly spicing up sentences with words from other languages (this one kinda sux tho)
  • Touhou
  • Using fun/weird phrases
  • VGM like Touhou, Dodonpachi, Undertale, and Earthbound
  • My friends!
  • Making computer games
  • Doom and Quake
  • Alternative aesthetics
  • The way the word aesthetic is spelt
  • Enjoying the night silence
Life Mottos

I have many mottos in life

Some of them are kinda silly so don't take them 100% seriously

  • If it works, it works
  • You have to accept and work with what you're given

Current media I am consuming (the only general word that works lol)

  • Serial Experiments Lain (ofc)
  • Akira (Finished Vol.1)
  • Cave Story
Funky Webring